Green Yogurt


The combination of Organic Soybean Milk and Matcha Uji Green Tea in Japan has formed a “special product”called Green Yogurt – a new and healthy product on the top list at E.NUTS.

Price: 7000vnd, add topping: 12000vnd

Made from 100% Organic ingredients, green yogurt stands out as an especially healthy product. Matcha has many antioxidants to help the skin look younger and younger, in addition to detox and weight loss, an indispensable use of Matcha. Soy milk has long been hailed as “natural estrogen” for women with countless uses.
It’s a new product for health, but the taste of green yogurt cannot be underestimated and has been appreciated by many guests.
Green yogurt is a blend of sweetness and lightness, combined with the subtle aroma of tea leaves. Yogurt offers unbelievable attraction and is gradually becoming a trendy product at E.NUTS
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