How to make green tea almond milk (matcha almond) ?

1. Raw materials

The drink formula combining almond milk with green tea will be a great suggestion for you to wake up your weekend mornings with a nutritious, energetic, fragrant, and especially colored glass of water. Very beautiful green. All you need is:
- 1 cup almonds soaked overnight, drained
- 4 cups filtered water
- 4 teaspoons matcha tea (or use diluted green tea powder instead)
- A pinch of salt

2. How to make almond milk with matcha green tea

– Soak almonds and some salt for 6 hours. Then peel, rinse, drain

– Put almonds, filtered water into grain milk maker, turn on the mode of cooking milk nut

– After boiling water, matcha powder to cook together

– Finally, pour into a cup and enjoy Green tea almond milk is a formula that is easy to make, beautiful, and energetic.

Every morning drink 1 cup of matcha almonds, ensuring the spirit you will be excited, full of refreshment for a long day of activity.

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