Have you ever heard of BLACK BEAN?

"In the Tang Dynasty, black soybean was considered an important food in the royal treasure, from emperors to princesses, which were frequently used.
The ancients also recorded that 1 in 4 ancient Chinese beauties, Yang Gui Fei, also regularly ate black soybeans to preserve youthfulness and beauty.
According to Japan Times, black soybean originated from China and is used by indigenous people to eliminate toxins in the body and is extremely diuretic. And the Japanese people use these black beans to treat sore throat.
Not only that, in the land of cherry blossoms, while yellow soybean is often used by people to prepare food daily, black soybean is "honored" at a single time of year, it is in New Year. "

In particular, E.Nuts offers ORGANIC black soy milk products selected by scientists from the Agricultural Genetics Institute of Nature, with the same quality as Japanese black soybeans.

Black soybean - EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT of the Institute of Agricultural Genetics research has brought a lot of value to you:
- Phytoestrogens prevent cancer risk
- Isoflavones reduce cardiovascular risk, diabetes
- Improve fatty acid and cholesterol levels
- The content of precursors of vitamin A, omega 3, omega 6 is 12 - 60% higher than that of soybean, which helps keep skin beautiful and good shape

From now on, there will be Black Soy Milk for customers every day, right at E.Nuts and home delivery.

Contact to order now dear!

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